Best Parks In West Chester Pennsylvania

West Chester, Pennsylvania is home to many beautiful parks that are ideal for picnics, outdoor recreation and plenty of fun for the entire family. The following are some of the best parks in West Chester, PA.

Everhart Park

Everhart Park is surrounded by gorgeous historic homes and is the borough’s second oldest park. William Everhart originally owned the 10.2 acres of land that make up this park. It features a gazebo, picnic tables and plenty of shade and grassy areas to make it an ideal spot for a picnic. The park also a footbridge, fountain, playground and basketball court.

Hoopes Park

700 Hoopes Park Lane, West Chester PA

Hoopes Park is situated on the west end of West Chester. Its name comes from Josiah Hoopes, who was one of the park’s original supervisors. The park opened in 1957. There are many facilities including a pavilion and picnic tables, basketball court, baseball field, tennis courts, playground and water fountain.

Marshall Square Park

405 N. Franklin St., West Chester PA

Marshall Square Park is West Chester’s oldest park. It was used originally as a water basin due to being located on the borough’s highest point. It became a public park in 1878 and initially developed to be an arboretum to be used for botanical research. The park is named in honor of Humphrey Marshall, who was one of the first true botanists in America. There are many grassy hills and tall trees, which makes it an ideal spot for a picnic or other outdoor outing. Marshall Square Park features picnic tables, a water fountain, playground, gazebo and basketball court.

Bayard Rustin Park

740 S. Walnut St., West Chester PA

Bayard Rusin Park first opened it in 1939. It was originally called Walnut Street Park but was renamed after Bayard Rusin, a Civil Rights leader, in 1998. The park is comprised of 1.4 acres and features a water fountain, picnic tables, playground, open play area, baseball field and two basketball courts.

Horace Pippin Park

520 W. Market St., West Chester PA

Market Street Park was built in 1911. It was called Children’s Playground originally. It was considered to be a multi-cultural park since different races of children were able to play there without needing to worry about segregation. The park was renamed during the 1990s after the African American painter Horace Pippin who was born on Market Street in West Chester in 1888. The park is comprised of 1.2 acres and features picnic tables, a playground, open play area, basketball court, and backstop.

Kathy McBratnie Park

300 W. Nields St., West Chester PA

The park was originally called Nields Street Park and first opened in 1955. It was situated on a site where there had been trolley tracks running through the area. The total acres of the park is 0.8 acres. In 2004 the park was renamed after Kathleen McBratniem, who was a former Parks and Recreation Director. Kathy McBratnie Park features picnic tables, a water fountain, playground, open play area, basketball court, and football field.

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