Five Of The Best West Chester PA Restaurants To Choose From When Dining Out

Men painting buildingWhile West Chester is a borough and not technically a city, there are almost 200 restaurants there. One of the places of interest is the West Chester Downtown Historic District, and you can bet there are some great restaurants in that area. This entire borough of Chester County is full of historical places. Vacationing in West Chester, Pennsylvania will be quite fun, and you can try to stop by these five wonderful restaurants if you get the chance, too.

The Couch Tomato Cafe is one of those restaurants, and it is a located on 31 West Gay Street. Rooftop dining is available at The Couch Tomato Cafe. Two of the popular menu items served up there are the Buffalo Chicken Pizza and the Dirty Bird Sandwich. That is one interesting name for a sandwich. It’s all about the pizza, sandwiches, salads and garlic knots at The Couch Tomato Cafe in West Chester PA.

Four Dogs Tavern is located at 1300 West Strasburg Road, and one thing it is known for is its crab nachos. That certainly sounds tasty and interesting. Four Dogs Tavern is also known for its flatbread sandwiches, burgers and more. The menu is said to be eclectic, and so it sounds like there are plenty more choices when you get ready to order up food at this establishment.

Another top pick and #3 on this list of the best West Chester restaurants is Market Street Grill. Market Street Grill serves up breakfast all day, and the place is known for its specials. You can also order up short ribs, cornbread and all kinds of other great food. The Market Street Grill is said to be like a classic cafe, and it is certainly a good restaurant pick if you are in the borough of West Chester. The restaurant had their outside brick power washed by the Wester Chester PA painting company called Sharp Stream.

Roots Cafe is a popular restaurant to visit as well, and you will find it located at 8 West Gay Street. Roots Cafe is a good place to go for dining out in general, but especially for natural foods. The emphasis on organic foods makes this a great place to eat for those who are more health-conscious when eating at restaurants. You can also dine outdoors, and a few of the menu items served up there include duck sausage, short ribs, and cornbread.

Then there is Fiorello’s Cafe on East Gay Street. Fiorello’s Cafe is known for serving up some delicious Italian food, including pizza, broccoli rabe, pasta fagioli, balsamic calamari and much more. This restaurant features quite the extensive menu, and people have great things to say about the food.

The borough of West Chester has some great restaurants, doesn’t it? Fiorello’s Cafe or The Couch Tomato Cafe might be what I picked to visit first, but this is your trip. You certainly have five great choices if you can make it by one of these recommended establishments while dining out in West Chester PA. You might as well pick one of the best spots for good times.

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